Africa is a person (not a place)... let’s build her (him)…

To Reimagine Africa, people of African descent have got to Reimagine Living...


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    "I wanted to change the world ...then I learned that to change the world
    I had to change my life... and to change my life I had to change my mind ...
    So, I got to work... and now I live to Reimagine Africa."

    Jean Adero


    Most people spend their lives trying to fit in. They are afraid of what would happen if they showed up as themselves. Yet, if they embraced their childhood desires, they would be directed to exactly where they were designed to be!.

    Learning to reconnect with one’s vision is the most important skill anyone can master.

    When my students learn how to end the personal and business rat-race, they discover their north stars, fall in love with their dreams, and stand out from the crowd.


    Discovering one’s dream is only the first step towards a whole life. Executing on the dream is what makes it count.  But what is it that stops leaders from going full throttle towards the outcomes they want?

    Learning about how the mind works and knowing how to use it remains a secret for many.  It is mind-blowing that you can go through 16 years of formal learning without a lesson on how to use your mind.

    Learning the laws of success, and how to pursue one’s vision from the inside out always results in a life of clarity in decision-making, exponential success, and inspired living.


    The secret to inspirational living is simple.  Start before you are ready, don’t wait until you have all the answers, take efficient action.

    Taking efficient action means that you have a vision of the final outcome, you are willing to seek help as you navigate the process, and you focus on continuous improvement — a tiny percentage improvement each day.

    Learning how to connect efficient actions to a crystal-clear picture, actively applying the laws of success, and doing things in a certain way will fast-track result and create the dream life and business every leader desires.

    About Jean Adero

    Mindset Transformation Coach

    I promise you…

    I will guide you to fall to love with your dreams, to end the personal & cultural rat-race, and to unleash the life of purpose, power, and possibility that is waiting for you.

    You were born to light Africa! Your transformation will increase your soul engagement, illuminate your business and personal relationships, your work, and your opportunity for financial impact.

    I combine winning organizational change principles with my {inside} {out} personal change methodology to help you shift, embrace your innate gifts, and inspire others to commit to personal and business impact.

    I unleashed purpose when my mind changed. Click here to experience my little piece of Africa.


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    Dream Your Life


    You are a leader and world-changer! Dream Your Life will introduce you to my {inside} {out} methodology and guide you to:

    • Identify your gift and clear your path to purpose and within 2 weeks
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to end the rat-race
    • Release the cultural shackles that hold you back

    Design Your Life.


    Your gift inspires others! Design Your Life combines my {inside} {out} methodology with principles from Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success and will:

    • Help you walk in your purpose within 90 days
    • Guide you to fall in love with your dreams
    • Lead you to design personal winning habits needed to learn and grow
    • Support your personal development as a business owner or corporate leader



    Double Your Life


    You know your purpose, you wake up each day excited to learn and grow as a person, and/or business owner, and you know that it’s time to make your mark.  Double Your Life will guide you to the finish line. You will:

    • Master my {inside} {out} methodology, the Laws of Success, and practice of personal winning habits
    • Develop the use of your mental faculties such as imagination, intuition, and willpower to thrive holistically for personal and business impact
    • Learn steps to becoming the master authority in your area of influence

    Take the bold step forward and join in!

    What You’re Saying...

    “Loved every week of this journey! I can’t thank you enough Jean Adero.  2020 has been a great year of quantum leaps and exponential growth through application of everything I learned.”

    Charity Cavanaugh, Personal Coach

    “I had done everything being taught in various coaching classes, but I got to a point where I knew I could no longer do it on my own. I felt stuck with no one to help me untangle my next step! I knew something had to change. Enters the ‘Double Your Life’ mastermind with Jean Adero.  If I were to put down the leaps I have made since joining the mastermind, and whom I have had to become in the process, I would sound like a late night commercial! Can wait to see what’s next for me. Thank you, Jean Adero,!”

    Susan Seda, Entrepreneur – Operations Leader

    “My best moments in the mastermind resonate with this quote by Jean Adero. I had to make you uncomfortable otherwise you would never have moved.”

    Rosemary Mburu, Vice President – Product Risk

    It’s was an honor for me to be in this mastermind. I was privileged to share this space with a cohort of powerful women, and most of all from my amazing Coach Jean Adero. What a life changer! Together, we made 2020 count. Bring it on 2021 & beyond! Thank you, Jean. You are truly an amazing person & coach.”

    Dr. Mercy Kamau, Healthcare Executive

    “This journey has been the utmost privilege of my life! I have found a family and a kinship with all the inspirational women in this program and the guidance of coach Jean Adero. She found me… and she challenged me to dig deep and see my worth. I am now in motion and on the journey of action and results. I am because we are. And because we are, I am!”

    Dr. Catherine Odera – University Global Engagement

    “2020 has been one of the best years for me! And thank you for guiding me to finally let go of whatever was holding me back. I’m truly grateful to be in this great company. I’m doing the happy dance right now.”

    Jacinta Mutonga, Entrepreneur & Personal Coach

    Are You Ready to Reimagine Africa? Let's Reimagine Living

    You are a Corporate Leader or a Business Owner. You know that you have more to give to your business, country, your continent - Africa, and the world. Bigger than that, you want to use your gift of leadership to exceed your wildest business and personal goals, grow others, their careers, and lives. Most of all leaving a personal and business legacy that puts a mark on the continent is key. Let’s work together to grow your team!