Live Life by Design

Want to live a life that inspires you to unleash the untapped potential you have carried around for most of your adult life? Join this exciting 30-day challenge to learn how to end your rat-race. From May 1-31st, learn the foundation of dreaming and creating the life that awakens your soul.

MAY 1, 2021

What You'll Learn

Here's a snapshot of the 30-day challenge.

  • Rewire your thoughts to connect with the 'crazy' ideas within you
  • Reopen your inner eye of imagination
  • Reclaim your courage
  • Restore your financial position
  • Remember your soul desire to live freely

Jean Adero

I went from spiritual, mental, career, and financial bankruptcy to purpose and possibility, and I'm here to start you on the roadmap. I am Africa's Life Coach. I teach leaders and professionals of African descent how to end the rat-race and release cultural shackles so that they can live their wildest dreams now!

Jean Adero

You have the power to reclaim your life, and this 30-day challenge will help you do just that. I designed this for you, the leader who is wondering how you got caught up living a life that you did not choose. You should attend too if you designed your life, yet it seems to be going off the path you imagined for yourself. The goal is to help you find the key to unlock your own design and live it to the fullest.

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Learn how to write goals and form new habits to use towards the attainment of the goals so that you can begin the path to living a life of ease and flow!
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